The Armour of God

  The Secret in Christianity and The War for the Human Race  

By Daniel King

(Copyright Daniel King-this article will be featured in a Christian magazine)


PART 1: The Cause of The War 

Despite many attempts to destroy the credibility of the Bible, it still stands as the best selling book in the world.  Its authority is unquestioned, and as the most influential book on the human race, no amount of theoretical evolutionary pseudoscience can debunk it.  It still remains the most scientifically sound ancient text on the planet.  Archaeologists find increasing evidence for its validity on a daily basis.  Astrophysicists and mathematicians wonder at the impossibly precise accuracy of its scientific and historic data-all verified by astronomy, advanced mathematics and physics.  So from here we can start to place our trust in this amazing collection of books called the Bible, and learn that it is not by the intellect, but by faith that we indeed come to believe it is the WORD OF GOD. 

The Bible tells us that our Lord Jesus Christ said that the god of this world is Satan-the Devil.  He is also called the Prince of the Power of the Air.   Satan-which means the Adversary, the Devil which means The Accuser and Slanderer are just titles, rather than his actual name.  According to the Book of Enoch his name is most likely Azazel or Shemyaza, but is generally known as Lucifer, which means Lightbearer.  It also means The Shining One or Blazing Star.  Our Saviour Jesus also refers to him as The Great Deceiver, and Father of Lies.  Also this same being is called the Great Dragon and the Ancient Serpent.   But why does Our Lord Jesus Christ call him the god of this world?

First of all, we must go back to the Garden of Eden.   And even before that.  Apart from speculation about what events occurred in heaven before The Fall of Adam and Eve, there seems to be a general acceptance that Satan was a fallen angel that was envious and jealous of the human race and sought to destroy it.  This is confirmed in many places throughout the Bible.   We shall draw reference to these scriptures later on. 

The important point that most scholars and readers of the Bible miss, is that this being was stricken with pride so intense that he could tolerate no competition, and that even included with God Himself.  This envious being wanted to be worshipped and adored like GOD, and masterminded a long-term plan to do this.  This being did not want to share this close relationship he had with GOD with human creatures.  Feeling insecure and determined to make himself feel “more worthy”, his pride made him all the more envious and determined to destroy the competition:  i.e. the human race, and increase his status. 

He could then elevate himself to the position he thought he deserved: a god.   The way he devised doing this would be to simultaneously hurt the human creatures and “punish” GOD for creating them.  This was revenge for the alleged “attack” on the Devil's sinful pride and emotional security.  Of course this sounds like conjecture, but this I feel is bourn out in the Word of GOD.  Satan's main assault would not come till he could draw these humans away from GOD.  First he would destroy the union between GOD and man.  This was the world’s first case of “divide and conquer”.  


Part 2 : The Plan-In the Garden of Eden 

The hatred for the human race had to be disguised, and the 'tempting away' of these perfect beings from GOD would have to be so intelligently crafted and subtle, that they would not suspect anything, nor recognise the implications for being led away from GOD.  It is safe to assume that the devil had already rebelled from GOD, although it may have been in a less complete way than later on. (see Book of Job).  Of course GOD knew everything the devil was plotting and planning and would use it for HIS OWN PLAN,  which was to ensure the union with GOD and man could and would never be broken ever again.  But to do this, he would allow Satan the opportunity to carry out his evil plan of creating division between GOD and mankind.

So as we look into the Book of Genesis and read the story of Adam and Eve, we now see the background for this story, that only much later reveals the behind-the-scenes events, (Ezekiel, Isaiah, Jude, Book of Enoch* and Revelations) and fills in the gaps.  Only by piecing the bits together can we then get an insight into the spiritual world that is the main battleground for this war.  Therefore, the war began with the Devil desiring to be like GOD, and his desire to take revenge on HIM by hurting those HE loves-the human race. He would draw them away from The Creator, but GOD would only allow it to REVEAL those humans who WANTED to CHOOSE HIM.  That is those who are opposed to living their lives apart from GOD, which means ultimately that they would be seduced by evil and follow SATAN.  So a war between GOOD and EVIL and human souls began.

Some people may be asking at this point, why did GOD allow Satan to embark on this psychopathic mission of destruction and hate directed at the human race?  Why did GOD not stop Satan?  This is a question many scholars and readers of the Good Book have difficulty with.  The reason, as far as I can see, was to do with free choice.  To choose between Good and Evil.  If GOD is GOOD, and choosing Him means following HIM, then the opposite choice, is to follow EVIL.  Although Satan has nowhere near any iota of the power of GOD, this choice would mean to follow him.  

GOD knew, by putting the Tree of Good and Evil in the garden, that there would be every possibility that Adam and Eve would choose to disobey His Command not to eat from it.   He did it anyway.  But it took the serpent (Satan) to lead them toward this decision.  And he could only do it through deceiving them, with his cunning, his subtlety and his evil lies:  that they would be like gods/GOD, and also that GOD was a liar.  In fact, he was the LIAR and father of all lies.  Since then he has been deceiving humans, tempting them/us with the same lie.  Repackaged into infinite variations.   So the offer always appears NEW.  But it is the same old Lie.  

PART 3: Becoming god of this world  

By using our own senses against us: sight-beauty, hearing-sound-music, touch/feel, taste, and even smell, he would lure us into ungodly and unsafe activities that would trap us into addictive behaviour.   By planting seeds of envy, fear, hate, lust, greed, anger, jealousy and pride, he could lead the human race away from GOD into sins that would create such a distance between The Maker and Mankind, causing us to feel alien to our own TRUE state of being: never able to remember or recognise what we were or what we are. Perfect sinless spirit beings made to be in union with GOD.

By choosing to disobey, Adam and Eve then handed their dominion over to Satan, as GOD had said that they would be Masters of The Earth and all its animals.  But they forsook their agreement to not eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and so Satan took control over the planet, and his fallen angels then occupied the earth, even taking human women as wives and creating the Nephilim**-a race of giants with supernatural powers. (Genesis 6:6).  God decided to wipe out these half human-half angel beings, and the entire earth, because it had become so corrupt and evil.  These beings had forced the humans to worship them, and also the Nephilim as gods (the fallen angels).  This is the original story behind all the world's myths.

Although Greek mythology claims that the Titans (Teitans=Sheitans=Satans = adversaries) warred against the “gods”  (fallen angels) - (Mt. Olympus being roughly synonymous with Mt. Hermon (see Book of Enoch) and Valhalla, they were the offspring of these fallen angels.  Being half human, there may have been some less evil qualities and even some pro-human heroic ones, but this cannot be proven.  So the Devil's angels were to lose their offspring from THE FLOOD that God was to send.  They built flying vehicles; (Virmana’s, in the Indian Sanskrit, Mahabharata and Rig Veda).  This was to travel over the earth and even between the spiritual realm/dimension and space.

The spirits of these Nephilim when they died became djinn, or demons.  They are the main foot soldiers of Satan,  although many different ranks exist.  Satan commands them to attack and deceive humans every way possible, to get them to join him, or be destroyed.  These demons are under the devil's command, and he is ruling as the god of this world.  So JESUS was telling us that that being, called Satan the Devil has caused all the sufferings and evils in the world, and it is his minions that are doing his bidding.  But it does not end there.  Some humans have gone far beyond their ability to reason, have decided to join Satan.  They deliberately invoke these demons and wilfully become energised with their power, desiring to become gods.  Just as the Devil promised them.  But they do not know the price they will have to pay for lusting after this illusion.

PART 4 : The Secret War that only True Christians know about

After the flood, when the Nephilim (djinn) died and became spirits, or demons, answerable to lower ranking demons or fallen angels, the human race again began to become corrupted and tried to build a tower to reach to heaven, in order to avoid another flood.  This was an act of defiance to GOD and also an act of worship to Satan, as GOD had said to them to spread out over the earth, and not settle into congested cities.  But they refused to listen, and so GOD confused their languages forcing them to spread out with people of the same language, but they also took their defiance and newly founded false religions with them over the earth. 

These religions were basically demon worship and ancestor worship, or a mixture of both.  Of course they also worshipped the heavenly bodies: sun, moon, planets, stars and all astral anomalies.  They also began worshipping the things they feared: predatory animals and reptiles, especially serpents. Shamanism was born-combining their worship of animals with demons, creating Totem religions.  In fact they created so many religions based on the primitive and the heavenly, that these began to fuse with other belief systems, thereby creating even more demonic cults.  This was how paganism was created and pantheism began, being the worship, as said before, of the fallen angels, the djinn/Nephilim, and later on their human ancestors.

Now there had always been a loyal remnant of Godly people.  These were later to become the Hebrews, then Israel and then the Jews.  And it is from the Jews, that The Saviour of Mankind would be born.  He is the man we know as JESUS CHRIST.   God set HIS PLAN in motion with the man Abraham in UR of the Chaldeas (modern day Iraq) in Babylonia.  From there we can see the devil's attempts to thwart GOD's PLAN to reconcile man back unto him. So for 3-4 thousand years up until the birth of THE MESSIAH-JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH, Satan had successfully broken the relationship between God and man, but Jesus has restored it for those who believe in Him.

What many people do not realise is there is a war going on.  The outcome has already been decided.  When JESUS was born and died and resurrected, HE paid the price for ALL HUMANS to be RECONCILED TO GOD.  All they have to do is accept this sacrifice and believe in HIM.  They must also do their best to continue their lives avoiding all the traps of Satan to lure them back into sin, but this is not easy.  He runs the place (earth) until JESUS returns to kick him off the planet.  And so until then, the war continues for the ultimate dominion of the earth, and for the individual souls of mankind, so they can be saved and NEVER WILL BE APART FROM GOD AGAIN.   In order for anybody to be SAVED from the Devil, his demons and HELL, they must do the following:  

PART 5 : Dressing for Battle with the Enemy

When Jesus died on the cross, he gave instructions to His disciples to go into all the nations of the world and preach the Good News - which is that The Devil has Lost, and Humans can be Saved from Hell now because Christ has died in our place, so we can LIVE with GOD in eternity in Paradise, as God had intended.  Not only that, we can become kings, priests and rulers, as reward for our service to HIM.  The Apostles were sent to make DISCIPLED BELIEVERS of all those they met in foreign lands.  In order to empower the disciples and all those who believe in JESUS, they would receive the gift of The Holy Spirit, which is the personage of GODS POWER and SPIRIT, the very same that JESUS received in order to carry out His Ministry. 

Now this means we can do miracles and great works like JESUS, and even greater, in order to show that GOD's KINGDOM will be here soon, and this is just the TASTER.  More importantly that the devil's works of suffering, evil, misery, crime, disease, sickness and all manner of sorcery, lies and depravity will be destroyed.  The Spirit of God is available to anyone who will believe in JESUS.  That He is the SON of GOD, and died for our sins to be wiped out from GODS memory, and therefore that another choice is now available to mankind: This is the GOOD NEWS (Gospel):

Believe in JESUS, Accept Him as YOUR SAVIOUR and Be Born Again.

Being born again, means being born of the Spirit of God, and so a new desire to be like Christ and follow his teachings, the Bible and all the Laws and Commandments come naturally.  The ability to obey them without effort or discomfort is given to those who have the Spirit.  But if we are double minded or non-committal we will always be lukewarm about our conviction to devote ourselves to God's work.  The Devil can infiltrate ouir minds and hearts, if we do not WALK  and TALK in the WORD of GOD.  We must act according to the Way in which JESUS told us to Act, lest we become deceived again.  But not to fear, as GOD will assign angels to protect and guide those who have made a choice but are struggling, to live the way GOD has said through His Son.

So, the Secret War is only a secret to those who are not in The Battle.  In The Battle, some are on the frontline, some are in the middle, and some are at the rearguard. They know that the issue is the souls of men, women and children and their individual decisions to follow Christ and be SAVED.  The Devil is roaring about like a lion, waiting to see whom he can devour.  So what are the weapons that we must carry and use to protect ourselves from the enemy?  These are only given once we have decided to be born again and follow Christ.


PART 6 : The Armour of GOD

In the New Testament of The Bible, we find the Armour that we dress for battle with, in order to protect ourselves, and others, in fighting effectively for GOD and His Commander, Our LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH.  Before His Triumphant Return to Earth, to wipe out all the evil of the Devil and his coming false ruler (the AntiChrist), we must engage the enemy in order to gain ground, make him retreat, and support our spiritual brothers and sisters.  The warriors that GOD has assigned to this task are Christians who fight, not with weapons made by man, but with the weapon of The WORD of GOD who is JESUS CHRIST (Hebrew-Yeshua hah Meshiach= Yeshua the Messiah).  For The WORD is Jesus name in heaven:  The WORD of GOD, and it is with this we defeat our enemy.

Below is the description of the essential armour that all Christians must wear to be protected from the enemy and all his demons, but also to FIGHT the enemy offensively.  The best defence is Offence.  An explanation of each is below;

Ephesians 6:10-18 (King James Version)

 10Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.  11Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.  12For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

 13Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

 14Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;

 15And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;

 16Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.

 17And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:

 18Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;


What does it all mean?

Verse 10,11,12: 

The wiles of the devil:  this means all the deceptions, lies and tricks, as well as the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical attacks of the Evil upon us, his enemy.

We wrestle not against flesh and blood:  Our struggle is not with fellow human beings but against evil spirits working for Satan.  This means that this is a battle in the spirit realm, A spiritual battle which we can only win with spiritual weapons, that can overpower the enemy.  And these are only given to us by JESUS CHRIST, our Commander.


Principalities – fallen angels in charge of countries, large areas of land and nations.

Powers – another rank of fallen angel or demon that is very powerful.

Rulers of Darkness – another rank of demon that may be lower than the one above.

Spiritual wickedness in high places – this could be the messenger type of demon that 

          influences witches, warlocks, Satanists and Freemasons such as the Illuminati.

          but could mean the Illuminati or Freemasons themselves as they are possessed.


These are beings that are in charge of doing the Devils work, (beings in the spiritual realm).


Verse 13:  

Wear the armour to Withstand the Evil Day: Only by having the full Armour can we get through evil times: This is The Great Tribulation where the AntiChrist will rule and take over the planet with the full power of Satan in his hands.  This means that Christians will have to flee or fight, or both, (if they have not been raptured, as some believe will happen).



Stand:  We must be strong and persevere, not giving way to cowardice, fear and intimidation, manipulations nor any political correctness that contradicts the Word of GOD.  We must stand for our faith and against those Satan has sent against us, but only to resist the attack of the devil and not to focus on the human form of the attack.  It manifests itself in many forms: external pressure from authorities, government, organisations, business, banking, media, friends, religions, economic pressures, slander, gossip, accusations, betrayals, spouses and family. 


Attacks are from within the family and church as well as outside the family and church.  In fact that is probably the most effective way to divide and conquer-from within the family and the church.  Also, thoughts and emotions, which are not from you or GOD, but come from demons, illness or sickness are particularly malevolent.  Repetitious fears are especially troublesome.  The emphasis here is on NOT giving ground to the enemy, nor the attack, but to stand firm, be assertive and even offensive.  Be of the mindset that you are not a victim defending, but are on the offensive, attacking and that the enemy is just counterattacking.  You will counter-attack him with prayer and support from the Church, defeating anything that tries to resist your commitment to GOD and HIS SON.  You focus on GOD's will, rather than resisting all of the devil's schemes.  In order to do the LORD’s work, you must have the perspective and mindset to STAND FIRM, even in the face of terrible persecution, overwhelming and impossible dangers.  When all the odds are against you, that is when YOUR FAITH will save you, and GOD's power will be felt or seen.



Verse 14:


Belt/Loincloth of TRUTH:  Speaking truth from your lips, and truth in your actions, not doing things with ulterior motives, nor to gain respect nor popularity.  Truth gives you respect from your honesty and integrity.  The loincloth protects your private parts, so it is to do with the fact that if you are not covered with truth, nor wearing the belt, your private parts will be exposed.  In other words, if you lie, you will be shamed, exposed, lose your dignity and others will know you lack integrity, when your lies have been found out.  So no gossiping, slander, accusations of innocent people.  But also to be courageous and noble and honourable.  A belt is a badge of beauty and so wear Truth like a Badge, and let no lies pass from your lips.  And let Honesty be your badge.  This means to be sincere in all you do and say. Truth is about trust and without truth there is no trust. With lies there is only distrust.


Breastplate of righteousness:   This piece of armour protects your chest, which contains your heart and lungs etc.  The emphasis here is on your heart, or your emotions: By being righteous in your heart, you will not sin.  But if you have issues of envy, anger, hate, lust, etc, then it is very easy to sin.  The enemy knows this, so we must guard our emotions, and make sure that they are passed through the filter of GOD's WORD and reject all emotions, which may lead us into doing something sinful.  We must refuse to do anything that may be a result of wrong emotions.  It is the heart that we must protect above all else.  Also if we are hurt, we must guard against taking retaliatory or spiteful actions to get revenge.  Vindictive behaviour is not conducive to being righteous.  It is a forgiving and kind heart full of love that does good, instead of that which rewards evil with evil.  Guard your heart, your emotions and always do what is right.



Verse 15:


Shod with the Sandals of Gospel of Peace:  Walking in the ways of Christ.  Abiding by His teachings and the Commandments that He gave: Also actively preaching the gospel (good news) of the Salvation and Reconciliation of Man to GOD.  Practicing what the Gospel says, in the spirit of Peace.  Walking and living your life in a peaceful way, in line with GOD's Word.  Effectively living your life as a “Saint”; an evangelising Peacemaker of GOD.  This is very hard to do, as we all are tempted to Walk our OWN way or DOWN the WRONG PATH.  But if we are wearing the Sandals SHOD with the GOSPEL OF PEACE, then we will not stray, nor seek to follow our own ways, but the WAY of JESUS CHRIST.  This is essential if we are not to be seduced by ambition and pride, which leads to envy and hate.  Nip it in the bud by Abiding (walking and talking) with the WORD of GOD, having the GOSPEL ever present in your mind, to protect yourself from straying, or being distracted.  Thankfully the Voice of The GOOD SHEPHERD, can call us back to His arms of safety.




This is the most important piece in our defence, I think.  The reason being that without this piece we are pretty much exposed to the attack on the rest of our armour.  The shield is carried in our hand covering the rest of our body, but it can be held anywhere in front of our body or above, or even at the sides and behind.  So this means that the shield is our first line of defence.  If this breaks down, the rest is our backup.  But the shield has to be picked up, then it has to be used in an effective manner.  There is no point holding it to the left when your enemy shoots to your right.  You must be trained to use your faith efficiently for defence and offence.  


The shield can be used as a battering ram as you steadfastly march forward in your attack.  The enemy will attack you with his demonic attacks (darts), which are like fiery arrows/darts. But the shield acts like water and quenches or extinguishes them.  If you lose faith-drop your shield, you need to pick it up again.  You must know that your shield can get thicker stronger and larger, but it only does this once used effectively to absorb the blows of the enemy and so the stronger his attack, if you have faith, the more able you become in standing your ground.  This is why God allows us to be tested, so our faith can grow stronger.  But we have to learn how to hang onto it with an iron grip! And not drop it when the fiery arrows start to bombard us. 


Our Shield is an offensive weapon to protect us from blows and ballistic weapons.  When the enemy thrusts at us, or hammers a heavy blow towards us, we raise our shield and fend it off or absorb the blow, but we never drop it in the middle of battle. We must carry it into battle and strengthen it.  We must take care of it and ensure that is has no cracks!  If so, it will not protect us properly.  So there should be no doubt in your mind about your Saviour and His Love and forgiveness for you.  This knowledge-this belief-is what reminds us that we cannot be defeated by the enemy, only by ourselves.  We have already won; all the enemy can do is trick us into believing otherwise.  So hold on to your faith brethren, and believe.  It’s not what you do, but what you believe that will protect you from assault.  Believe in GOD's protection and call on HIM for it.


Verse 17:


Helmet of Salvation:  This is probably the most important piece of protective armour for not being totally wiped out and defeated by the enemy.  A helmet protects your brain, your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, face, and of course your MIND.  Four of your senses are held here, plus your ability to reason and think.  Also “…so a man thinketh, so he is”.  This means that your thoughts, which are the governing and ruling entity of your being as regards what you believe, what you do and how you act, should be nurtured in the way of the knowledge of Salvation.  Meaning, that your perspective should be of a person who knows he is saved, and is grateful to GOD and to HIS SON, and wants to live their life in acknowledgment of this gratitude by demonstrating that appreciation by living their life for GOD, who has saved them from the abyss/hell. 


Having this mindset will protect a person from veering off the path when the enemy tries to seduce them via the senses with promises of pleasure or increased respect, status and power, much like when JESUS was tempted in the wilderness by the DEVIL.  He tried to seduce JESUS with the things that he perceived as being desirable in JESUS heart.  So must we protect ourselves with the WORD of GOD that should be in our minds, which proves that we are saved and can fight off the lies of the enemy when he tries to control our minds.  So filtering your thoughts and actions through the WORD of GOD is essential.



We “must cast down all imaginations (thoughts and feelings) and anything that exalts itself…bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ”.  In other words, we must reject any thought that enters our minds that is a negative, sinful or demonic one.  If anything does rest in our minds, it will grow into a weed.  This weed will take root, and the stronger the root, the harder it is to UPROOT.   Only GOD can provide the spiritual weed-killer, so to speak, that is the MIND of CHRIST and the Holy SPIRIT to destroy any weeds of the enemy.  So we must not repeat thoughts in our head, which are not healthy nor righteous.  Especially ones which foster pride, fear, envy, hate and lust.  We must reject any thought which is totally irrational and not from us.  Quoting the above scripture helps.  Quoting all scripture aloud will send the demons packing.  So protect your thought-life and remind yourself that you are saved constantly.  The helmet of Salvation will also protect you from sensory seductions of the senses, because knowing that you are saved makes you NOT want to sin.


The Sword of The SPIRIT, which is The WORD of GOD:  This is the most offensive of all the Armour, and is the strongest weapon of our Battlesuit.  In fact it IS the WAY in which we deal with every attack.  It is the most long-range of our defences and also the weapon that clears the way for the rest of our Armour to confidently engage the enemy with.  The WORD of GOD is The NAME of JESUS CHRIST in HEAVEN.  IT or HE IS the WEAPON!  The SWORD of THE SPIRIT is the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD that has been given to us through our belief and surrender to Our LORD and MASTER JESUS CHRIST of NAZARETH.  Our belief that He is the Son of GOD and did come to earth in a fleshly body, died and was resurrected and sits at GOD's right hand, is of paramount importance if we are to receive any power from GOD.  If we are to be protected from the enemy and all his deceptions we MUST believe this.  Our faith energises the SWORD, but the SWORD’s power comes direct from the SPIRIT of GOD, which fills us full of FAITH.  So the Shield and the Sword work together to defend and attack simultaneously.  On the spiritual battlefield it’s the same principle as in the martial arts of simultaneous parry and attack/defence and offence. 


When we quote scripture we are speaking our faith, manifesting the WORD of GOD, which has POWER through our belief in JESUS CHRIST, and no enemy can stand against this.  It is the most powerful thing a human being can ever have.  It is not magic, but can overcome any magic or sorcery, any demon or devil.  The power that the WORD of GOD-the Bible gives us is only present if our Faith and Belief in JESUS CHRIST is TRUE, and the more we Believe, the more powerful the SWORD of the SPIRIT.  So we must memorise scripture, or ask GOD to tell us what scripture to quote when under attack, and going into battle.  If we have any attack directed towards us to any of our Armour, then quote Scripture out loud and ACT on any FAITH you have, and it will make you powerfully effective against the enemy. 


The most powerful thing you can do is to say "in the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST" when you command something to happen.   He is THE WORD of GOD, so combine your Scripture quote with the words;  “in the Name of JESUS CHRIST, I command...”,  and you will see all earth shake and hell tremble at the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST.  For there is no name greater under heaven or on earth, than His NAME.  So this is how strongholds are broken down and demons flee at His NAME.   


The SWORD of the SPIRT is, in my opinion, also the SWORD that comes from JESUS mouth in the Book of Revelations.  Nothing can withstand it.  For it is The MOST POWERFUL SPIRITUAL WEAPON in the universe. It can only be wielded by those who believe in HIM and follow HIM.  It is HIS OWN to GIVE, because JESUS gives it to all who ask for it, and only those who are HIS, ask for it with BELIEF in HIM, shall receive it.  The POWER of GOD is in the SPIRIT of GOD, which is the SWORD of the SPIRIT, which is the WORD of GOD.  The BIBLE is the weapon we wield against the enemy.  Use it and win souls for JESUS, and protect yourself and others when the enemy comes in like a flood.


The Sword of The Spirit is the authority of Christ’s name through the WORD of GOD, which is the scriptures-The HOLY BIBLE.  MEMORISE SCRIPTURE and USE it. 



Verse 18:


18Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints: 


Pray always in all things and all events, no matter how minor nor how trivial with all kinds of requests and on all occasions, and IN THE SPIRIT.  Meaning, be mindful of GOD, HIS WILL, HIS SON, and if you can, praying in tongues.  Pray for all your brethren; other Christians always, and demonstrate perseverance = pray for ALL the church.  This means that we should combine the protectiveness of praying for each other in the SPIRIT.  Being full of the SPIRIT-reading the WORD of GOD, talking to GOD, confessing our sins and asking for the forgiveness of others sins also.  Basically praying in everything and for every other Christian to be protected from the enemy, and for GOD to meet all the churches needs and requests, according to GOD's will.


A prayer is a powerful attack on the enemy and his machinations.  When combined with other Christians and done in the SPIRIT, this provides a powerful offensive and defensive weapon that we can use.  So it is essential that we use this daily in the war for the human race, and to guard the church from evil.  The word perseverance is also translated as Be ALERT. So we must be ALERT for our brethren.  And pray for them at all times, so we have a united defence and a united attack against our enemy. 


The Secret of Christianity is not that there is a religion that helps people to be better persons, like most other religions claim to do.  Nor does it provide a “path to the divine”, although it does.  But that it is the ONLY WAY IN WHICH THE PLAN OF THE DEVIL TO DESTROY THE UNITY OF MAN TO GOD, HAS BEEN THWARTED.  This PLAN of SATAN has been defeated by Christ, but the only thing that remains now, is the deciding of which humans will accept JESUS Sacrifice for them, be saved and reconciled to GOD, live in eternal paradise, or which humans will choose to reject CHRIST, spend eternity with the DEVIL and his fallen angels, the AntiChrist and all the other humans who did not want to LIVE in PEACE and UNITY with GOD.  


In other words, those who chose evil instead of GOOD.  Those who decided to choose what is good and evil, in their own eyes, will end up in hell.  For there is only one standard of righteousness that GOD decides.  Only CHRIST has reached that standard, and so fulfilled the debt to GOD, of which ADAM and EVE’s disobedience caused us to owe HIM, costing us our Eternity in Paradise.  But CHRIST has restored that and all we have to do is accept this FREE GIFT and REPENT of our sins, ACCEPT Him as Our SAVIOUR and REDEEMER, and Live our lives to please GOD and our SAVIOUR.  


Will you be one of those people?  Right NOW, is the time to decide.  If you already are, well done, and may God grant you all His gifts and may you dress fully for Battle wearing the Armour of God, and I will see you on the battlefield.
















*= The Book of Enoch has been placed under the books considered to be Apocryphal-which means not considered to be inspired by the Spirit of GOD.  This is strange when one considers that The Book of Jude alludes to this book.


**= Goliath was descended from these race of giants.  David battled against and slew many of their kind.  Notably the Rephaim, The Annakim and Zummzumin.  See Book of Samuel, Chronicles and Kings.