The Martial Arts and The Occult


What is a martial art?

Today, the words "martial art", mean something different than what they did hundreds if not thousands of years ago.  There are 3 different interpretations to the term "martial art".  

Today, martial arts refer to the modern study of an art that is used for self-defense, and the defense of your loved ones.  It often involves techniques which have been taken from many different styles or arts and combined to make a mixed system or a composite (composed of many) style.  There are purer arts which claim to not borrow from other arts, but they are rare.  Most people have heard of Kung fu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, and Aikido, but wrestling and boxing are also martial arts.  And there are hundreds of different styles within each of these arts also.

The Original purpose and meaning of martial arts was intended for war and battle.  The aim was to kill your opponent as quickly as possible on the battlefield, and should you lose your weapon, use your body to kill, incapacitate or maim them, so they could no longer fight.  In ancient times, it was kill or be killed.  Such arts as Muay Thai (from Thailand), Kali (Philippines), or Silat (Indonesia), still retain their weapon based focus on killing, in the traditional form of their respective arts.  Other Japanese and Chinese systems also use weapons as part of "passing on the art", to students, to keep the art alive, but the focus is more on preserving the art, than going into battle swinging a weapon.

The third meaning of the term martial arts, refers to self defense only.  This is where the art has been stripped of all the killing techniques (or most of them), and become 21st century friendly.  Meaning, that you probably will not go to prison for killing someone if you had to use a technique, and could claim "self defense", if attacked, and avoid being prosecuted.  Purists would argue that this is a watered down version and bears no resemblance to the original art (of killing).

There are arts which were developed in the 20th century strictly for modern self defense, such as Judo, and Aikido, or Tae kwon do, which were created in the 20th century.  These modern arts take techniques from Jujitsu, Bushido (way of the Samurai warrior), and Korean Tukido, Hapkido or Kuk Sool Won, and refine them into a more usable modern and legal art.  These still retain the essence of stopping your opponent or attacker from harming you, but with less or minimum damage done to them (to avoid killing them)  At least these are more compassionate and user-friendly to the gentle, mild mannered person.  Of course the question is how effective are they in a real tough situation with multiple attackers?  

With the term martial art now clear in your head, you will be able to understand what a person means.  There are many traditional martial arts around the world that still teach the killing elements of the battlefield, and preparing for war, as a soldier does. In India, there is Kalariphayat, in  Indonesia, Silat, and there are many not heard of African martial arts also.   Many modern armies around the world are taught these martial arts in their original forms, but add modern training equipment to become more effective in a shorter space of time.  Police forces also adopt the techniques of martial arts to restrain or control and put down an assailant or criminal.

For Christians, the only permissible practice in martial arts, is the self defense kind.  That being said, there is debate about whether GOD would allow a Christian to defend themselves or families using more extreme techniques, that may result in serious injury or death to the attacker.  That issue will be dealt with later on.  The main focus here is on martial arts and the occult.  

First we shall look at how martial arts were developed in the cultures that spawned them, then we shall look at how they evolved into religious and philosophical ways to live, then finally the modern shaping of martial arts, which were largely due to one man, Bruce Lee.


 War and Battle

As long as man has walked on this earth, there has been those who always sought to attack others, and those who sought to defend themselves and others from these men.  There has always been offence, and defense.  On the battlefield, when swords were drawn, even going back to Biblical times, where Abraham, Joshua, Samson, Gideon, Saul, David all fought other men, they had to be trained for combat, and spent much time practicing sword fighting, using the spear, wrestling and boxing, just to name a few.  When Cain slew his brother Abel with a rock, that was not a martial art, but murder.  Martial arts were always fought with a sense of  honour and glory.

Of course there were specially trained assassins like the Ninja, and the Chinese Lin Kuei or Saladin's Assassins (Hashassins), whose arts were specifically about murdering your target in cold blood.  These deadly black arts were termed martial arts also, as assassination became part of war, but these were arts that had no honour attached to them.  But these warrior-killers were feared and respected.  Depending on which propaganda you believe, they were either good family men from clans that were for secret hire, or ruthless killers who had no mercy nor any compassion.  Some were both.  Obviously each side tells their version of who really were the bad guys, in history.  Lies are part of the game in war.

In ancient times sorcerers were feared for their magical demonic powers that could overpower allegedly any great warrior.  The art of assassination, poisoning, and murder were then combined with sorcery to create hybrid "martial arts", that could near enough guarantee that the target was killed.  This then brought on an escalation of sorcery and black magic into the martial arts, which were previously only trained physically and mentally.  This crossover of black magic arts was then made part of the syllabus and was taught at the higher levels of training in the martial art.  Charms and amulets and talismans were worn for alleged magical protection.  Swords and armour had spells cast on them and so on.  

So what was formerly a purely physical art of fighting became polluted with occult arts.  The persons who had these powers of sorcery were often the priests and religious keepers of the various temples devoted to various gods (false).  The priests were always in charge of anointing a new King and had great power and influence.  Kings feared the alleged divine powers of the priests (most did, some had them put to death for this reason, unless they could use their magic to serve them), Some Kings had their priests who were sorcerers and or atrologers and diviners in their courts so they could make sure their enemies were wiped out or subdued by their occult power.  The Bible mentions many of these Kings.  The two Pharaoahs of Egypt in Moses and Joseph's day, Nebuchadnezzer, Xerxes, Darius, and so on.  Even some of Israel's apostate Kings followed the Pagan practices of these Kings. (see Book of Chronicles and Kings in Bible).  Behind the scenes, the priests/advisors were always busy cooking up ways to destroy their enemies which included the Biblical Daniel, and other Biblical heroes.

This constant worry of being put to death or ousted by a non compliant King or Queen, caused the religious priests to think about preserving their religious black arts, so they began to teach the more occult elements of their religions to warriors and religious students.  But they may not have told these students what exactly they were getting involved in. They then began to intermarry their arts as well as intermarry their families, and thus the fusion of religion, fighting, and the occult was born.  Of course this happened all over the world at different times, but was the natural course of those who were trying to retain or amass power.  Religion, Political Government, and Military power were made stronger by the Occult, which was closely bonded with religions (false).  Of course the exception being the Original Adamic, Noahic, Abrahamic and later Hebrew Mosaic True religion that GOD gave Moses and the Hebrews Himself and much later the Pure Unadulterated Original Christianity (not Catholicism!) that JESUS taught that was passed down through His discilples.

  Religions and The Occult

The early roots of The Occult in religion date back to Babylon and even before the flood.  When the fallen angels took human wives and bore the giants or Nephilim and their offspring.  They ruled the earth and dominated the natural humans.  Their wickedness grew, but so did their laziness, and so they taught humans the killing points of the human body and this knowledge was kept secret but passed down by the demons through the priests that encouraged worship of these fallen angels, the Nephilim and their offspring.  They called them gods, and in order to keep or gain power and influence joined temples and learned the occult powers of false religions based on fallen angel worship and Nephilim appeasement, so that these demons (djinn) would not harass them.  They were also taught necromancy, divining, clairvoyancy, E.S.P (psychic powers), mind control,  and all other magical demon influenced arts.  

Independently, a purer form of martial art was practiced alongside these contaminated versions.  A purely physical art, whereby a fighter was held with great honour for their strength, stamina, prowess, agility or/and skill.  But also many offspring of the fallen angels were revered for their fighting ability and strength (see Book of Genesis chapter 6), and so they were worshipped and their fighting skills were then taught (along with their occult gifts), to priests and the warriors who would use these magical powers to win.  

Now when these half human beings died, they were then contacted via spiritism (mediums), to consult about battles and fighting.  This is where the first spiritual religions were fused with fighting arts, as the warriors, like those of Sparta, and Indian warriors, were then brainwashed to follow the training of the priests with their religious allegiance to false gods (demons).  And their sorcery made the warriors fear them, because they feared the spirits/demons who spoke through the priests.  To combat this, some of these warriors learned the black arts to avoid any priest besting them or defeating them supernaturally.  And so this warrior-priest-occult marriage caused these warriors to pass on their arts down through the generations.

I must stress that the majority of the warriors did NOT learn the occult arts, but were only physically trained and these are the TRUE heroes of old mostly mentioned in the Bibles list of Warriors in the book of Kings and Chronicles, not the Pagan warriors who dabbled in magic and the occult to defeat others by underhanded demonic methods.  Of course, the proportion of warriors who avoided the occult arts, differed across the earth throughout history. 

The reason the occult was passed through the priests is simple.  The priests wanted to be treated well and so they ensured they had control over the King or Queen by becoming their advisors and military strategists, using demons to kill their enemies by using spells and black magic.  The very gods they worshipped gave them this power (allegedly), due to their service and caused the people to appease and worship these demons posing as gods.  The occult comes directly out of false religion-Babylon.  Eventually some of the priests wanted to be Kings themselves, and killed the residing rulers, and their offspring and took their thrones.  They then became Priest-Kings with Sorcerer Occult-type and Military Power, then they took about conquering the people by raising taxes, subjugating them, and invading the surrounding nations.  Building their armies was the main priority, and training them in martial arts (weapons based and unarmed) to make war on others in order to make a name for themselves.

 (just like Babel. They tried doing it through religion, and failed,  but decided the best way to become famous and make a name was through war).  

So these Babel inspired Babylonian Sorcerer-Priests who took power created their Mystery Religions to ensure that, should they lose power, they would regain it by using their secret societies to infiltrate or corrode any threat from within the infrastructure of the power base.  And the agenda for a New Babylonian World Order would always be progressing throughout the centuries until their dream of Babel was realised.   They called this the "divine right to rule".  A perversion of theirs which claims that the rulers are descended from gods. Each ruler of each country has made this claim, even in recent history.  The gods they refer to are the fallen angels, and their descendants would be the Nephilim-half human, half angel.  

Their descendants are the ones who invented ancestor worship.  They-the offspring worshipped their grandparents and their ancestors who were, gods (fallen angels).  The Bible tells us that the fallen angels were still about after the Flood, mating with human women, and Joshua, Gideon, King Saul, and King David spent much of their time fighting these descendants who were  Giants.  The Rephaim, Anakiim, and so on.  Goliath was one of them, and the Bible lists his family as being descended from these Nephilim.  It is proof that the demonic angels who occupied the Holy Land, were to be gotten rid of, and those who worshipped them as gods.  This was the Mission of the Hebrews and Israelites, and they were supposed to carry it out, but they mostly ended up getting chummy with the Gentile nations and then being invaded and exiled. (Read your Bible for the fascinating story of how Israel messed up when a King who was not True to GOD was in power, then the nation suffered due to his apostasy.  Read from Samuel 2)

Other rulers who had the same desire, fought with them as they too wanted fame and renown and to be immortalised.  Alexander the Great became obssessed with this, and others like him.  Every ruler, dictator and emperor who has tried to take over the earth, has been trying to make a name for themselves, like the Bible says they tried to do in Babel.  The tower was built , ordered by the priests, for this purpose.  And Babylon is the symbol of that dream of theirs.  The Mystery Religion has been behind nearly every single empire in history, to create a unified planet with a single Tower of ruler-ship for their god who is not the True GOD.  Back to the martial artists... 

But there were good warriors who did not have anything to do with the priests, demons, or the occult, depending on the priests influence to make the king cause all in the country (or empire) to worship what the priest said they should worship.  After consulting these priests, the King would decree there wishes, and the warriors had to worship what the King said.  This gave the priests and advisors limitless power.  They could control the King, the military/army, navy,charioteers and cavalry (all the warriors), the national (or empiric) religion, and wield the power of demons.  

As long as they made the people sacrifice their children, money, young men and women to the service of the temple demons, or on the altar, to harness the demonic power of sorcery, they had control.  This has not ended by the way.  It still goes on behind closed doors.  Nothing has changed, but that's another article.  (see Secret Society of Babylonian Priests article).

The people were too trusting and fearful, yet none the wiser.   It has always been the priests that wield the true power, and they often become the Kings closest and most personal advisors, or they cunningly and deviously install someone into a powerful position who can then do their bidding.  This I hope has enlightened you on why false religions have so much occult spiritism and sorcery, although it is cleverly disguised to the uninitiated.  And it is from these priests from where secret societies first came.  

The Mystery schools of the Babylonian Brotherhood were created to ensure that the priests never lost power.  That they could install any King or Queen, overthrow any potential enemy, destroy any threat to their power and source of influence, so they formed secret societies to ensure that they would always be in control, behind the scenes.  Kings and Queens would come and go, but the priesthood would hold the reigns of power throughout history.  This is the main purpose of secret societies, to overthrow any government no friendly to the priesthood, or to install someone who is, or to keep spies in top positions to ensure that any potential threat or person is taken care of.

They of course can do this, because, they worship powerful demons and the devil himself.  Throughout history, these Mystery Babylon priests have hidden themselves in various disguises to ensure they cannot be forced out of hiding.  They created cover secret societies-layers of secrecy and disinformation, intelligence networks, developed incestuous family  patterns to ensure passing down the secret knowledge to loyal worshippers or those would sympathize with their Agenda and Obsession with Power.  This meticulous planning ensures that each generation, priesthood or order has their men and women, working for them.  

These unsuspecting "workers" may think they know who they are really working for, but unless they venture deeper into the inner circle-the hollow pyramid, they will only THINK they know who they work for.  Many layers and levels, like a Russian doll, are constructed to preserve the true identity and source of Power that controls the kings and merchants of the earth.  It is the priests of Satan the devil, and his demons.  Power comes out of them to deceive the different layers and levels on the outer layers and levels.  So a cover secret society will only be protecting the interests of those in the deeper 6th circle.  I have digressed here, but you get the point.  Martial arts union with religion and the occult are now a bit clearer to you.

Religious philosophy and the Martial Arts

As some martial arts developed as purely physical skills of combat and gentler, less aggressive techniques were learned and taught, then more of the general public, who were not soldiers began to learn them as part of self defense.  Also, if their country was threatened by foreign invaders, the people could be expected to defend themselves and take up arms, although they were not specially trained as intensely as the formidable full time army.  In order to encourage this study, a new strategy was formulated.  In order to make martial arts (the non occult kind) more attractive and "cool".  New philosophies were developed by the religious advisors/priests, sponsored by the kings, to encourage the regular people to learn martial arts, to help defend the country and back up the army.

The secret societies went to work and came up with, thanks to the occult powers of the priesthood, new philosophies that had religious undertones that would attract the people to adopt training in martial arts.  (Conversely, now it is the other way round.  Martial arts sells us religious philosophy also, as part of the package).  New Age mysticism in the 60's spawned many martial arts styles, classes, and franchises.    They all used Eastern religion and mysticism as part of their allure.

Namely Taoism and Buddhism were developed by priests who were fighters (martial artists) or philosophers.  (The Buddha was a prince, and warrior, as well as reluctant Hindu tutored by the Brahmin priests).  Chen San Feng allegedly created Tai Chi Chuan after seeing a snake fight an eagle or more accurately, after reading the I Ching Book of Changes- A Chinese Book on Divination by Lao Tze, the founder of Taoism. (divination is strictly forbidden in the Bible!). Why would a person create a religion based on divination.  Prediction of the future and events.  Careful observation of the stars caused astrologers to attempt to predict the future.  GOD says we should do this.  It opens the doors for the occult and demonic interaction. Astrology though, gre alongside, although some say it spawned, astronomy.  Astronomy is not evil, nor is it occult.  But the fascination for the stars and its beauty gave birth to star worship, sun, moon and planet worship.  So it proves that although admiring the beauty of creation glorifies the Creator, who is GOD, worship of the creation makes the Creator angry.

So if we look at martial arts in the same way as astronomy, then we can see how easy it is to get into occult practices, but it does not mean you will.  It is your heart and mind, and whether it is for GOD, and that you are putting Him first, and not your love for something else, be itthe sun, moon, stars or a martial art.  As someone who admits to loving kung fu, I stress that it is because I love animals (not in a fanatical way, but because GOD created them and they fascinate an amuse me, as well as the ones I like, I respect, and I know GOD created them), and some of these animals had fighting styles named after them, which either symbolically or metaphorically described the concepts of each style, and the movements were grouped into those animals that they resembled.  Some claim that demonic shamanism was the influence of some of these styles and I am sure there must be truth in that.  But on the other hand, some techniques were developed without any shamanistic or occult help.  The Book of Enoch (Apocrypha) deos describe a fallen angel teaching "the killing blows and points of the human body" to man.  But then another fallen angel is described teaching women how to use make up to make themselves more attractive.  Should we ban Christian women from using make up.  Are they going to hell for this?  Are they vulnerable to demonic attack, because of this?  I do not think so ( the Amish and Quakers might disagree though : ) 

If we take a phariseeical perspective on certain things we might find ourselves ending up like the Catholic European Priests who taught that sex was evil, and that so were women, and they should be suppressed and priests should remain celibate and not marry.  And where has that got them?  Fiddling with kids and burning people at the stake.  There is always hypocrisy in religion.  But Grace teaches us to do what is right because of our love for GOD, and GOD's love for us, not because the LAW says so. 

Otherwise we are obeying on the outside, but in our hearts, we are double minded.  We need to put the selfish desires of the flesh to death, but we can only do this when we have the desire to please GOD, hate sin, and Walk with JESUS everyday, being filled with the H.S so we are less likely to falter and stumble.  On the other hand we do not want to say it is OK to sin.  I do not know of anywhere in the Bible that says we should not train in a fighting art, but I do know that if we sacrifice our lifestyles for JESUS, it is very unlikely that we would follow a martial art lifestyle, but we may do self defense for fitness and fun.

Again, the intent-the heart of man is to be judged.  Why is a person doing it?  At the end of this article are some questions and answers to this.  See if some of the answers are some you can identify with.

So it is clear that some of the martial arts were born directly out of religions and or occult spiritism, but that there origins were on the battlefield and were purely a physical art of war meant for national protection or for the defense of the people, such as the Hebrews in the Bible.  This does not mean that they ALL are spawned from evil.  But it does explain the native and local, culturally-religious overtones of many martial arts.  Mainly the Chinese styles, due to their coming from allegedly, the Shaolin Temple, or Wudang Temple Mountain. 

Clearly this is not the whole truth.  Many fighting arts of China developed from battle and self defense needs, but as is always true with human nature, the teachers lie or exaggerate to their pupils about the origins, and claim they come from Shaolin or Wudang, to make them more attractive and give more credibility.  This was because those martial arts that had religious philosophies were more popular and esteemed than those that did not.  As Buddhism spread, styles which taught Buddhism were considered "cool", better or superior.  In time all of the Chinese arts were either claiming that Taoist or Buddhist religions were part and parcel of their fighting style.  This was to acquire more students, and make more money, as well as build famous reputations.

The claim that these fighting arts came out of religions or occult spiritism may be true of 50% of the Chinese arts.  The rest that do come from those temples, obviously are heavily shaped by and bonded with Buddhism or Taoism.  The same is true of all the martial arts where they may have not come from those religious centers but the masters who may be Taoist, or Buddhist, will make claims as to the special uniqueness of their particular style or art.  (Hence the frequent superiority complex of teachers that claim that "my style will defeat all").  It's all marketing, baby.  The Chinese were the masters of advertising in them days (they still are).  When religions spread, people fuse their beliefs with their new cool religions and create a syncretism of philosophy, religion, and fighting.  Truth is always given up for what is more fashionable.  Human nature is the same wherever you go.

Does this mean that ALL martial arts should not be practiced because they may come from a false religion/temple or the occult?  It depends on your point of view.  If you want to take a puritanical perspective, then yes absolutely.  But a more balanced viewpoint would suggest that this may not be necessary.  The Amish and Quakers believe that all technology is of the devil, and should be avoided, as it comes from occult influences.  they may be right.  But the computer you are reading this on, indirectly comes from occult sources.  (The bible code and Kabala scholars used encryption analysis and code breaking skills to develop through Mathematics the first computer, in Milton Keynes to decode the Enigma machine the Nazis had made (which was no doubt influence by the occult also).  

Mobile phones are from the study of radio waves and physics-microwave radiation that passes signals through the air.  This comes from originally occult studies also.  In fact you could argue that 90% of the technology we use today comes from occult studies.  But thankfully there is always a GODLY version that we can draw source from.  In my opinion, GOD can take what was meant for evil and can turn it for good.  Like Balaam, who was versed in witchcraft , who intended to curse Israel, but GOD made a donkey appear to speak and an angel block the way so he could not do it (black magic).  Instead GOD made him Bless Israel.  This is not saying that God uses demonic and occult ways, of course, but that just like wine can be used to  cheer you up, and to celebrate, and is good for the stomach (according to the Bible), it is also a mocker, and can ruin a person.  It is how a martial art is used that determines its validity.  Having said that, those arts which are heavily corrupted with the occult, eastern religion and philosophy and killing methods, are to be avoided. For the Christian anyway.  Non Christians would be wise to avoid them also.

As long as a fighting art does not teach demonically inspired religion, spiritism, divination, teacher or idol worship, or encourage killing, then it should be OK to learn it.  The problem arises when the person has no discernment and cannot sift out the OK stuff from the dodgy stuff mentioned above.  If the art does not teach the above then it can be a rewarding healthy way to exercise and learn self defense, discipline and character building, just like the warriors of The Bible.  

If however, the style subtly draws the student into worshipping the teacher or some god of war General Kwan, then watch out!  Westerners are oblivious to the harm that can be caused by the elements of Indian or Chinese religious influences in their chosen style.  The danger lies in being so taken up with your style that you become addicted to it so ignore the warning signs.  Bowing to the teacher is seen as a sign of respect, but prostrating yourself is a Chinese and universal act of worship.  Don't do it!  If your master insists then leave the class forever!

Thankfully, not many classes demand such subservience to the  teacher.  It is acceptable to show ones gratitude and feelings of being privileged to learn from an esteemed kung fu master or martial arts expert, but in reality, we must ask where his skills come from.  Many have reached the highest levels of skill, thanks to demonic help.  This sad fact makes one even more weary about bowing to teachers when we know this.  The Chinese and Japanese culture is different, and it is this same spirit-worshipping religious culture that we adopt when we bow, so ensure if you must bow to show respect, that you ask what it means.  A slight bow of the head is enough to show respect, but nothing more than a slight bow of the waist that, otherwise it is an act of worship.

Ideally join a class where it is just self defense, and none of the cultural or religious aspects of martial arts or local religion have been adopted or forced onto the students.  After all, every human is made in the image of GOD and should not bow down to anyone, but GOD.  That is the Hebrew GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, or else you are asking for trouble.

So, to recap, it is OK to do self defense or a martial art for self defense and health training, but if there is any Chinese or Japanese, Philipino, Indian, or whatever religious cultural spiritism, stay away from it and do not do it., or at least tell your instructor why you cannot comply, and explain that your own religion does not permit it.  Interestingly enough some instructors demand that you adopt their religion first before they will teach you.  e.g. Some styles of Silat do that, and some early Shaolin Temple teachers did before they relaxed their rules.  

The point is Religion and martial arts do NOT have to be fused together, because, as I have shown you above, this was not the original way.  Fighting arts of wrestling*, boxing**and the arts of the battlefield were all part of the training regime of the fighter-soldier, in the Bible and this did not employ any false religion, of course, but only the TRUE RELIGION of ISRAEL, as MOSES handed it to them, and the prophets instructed them to follow, and even now as Christians have had the NEW COVENANT of JESUS CHRIST handed to them. 

Notice that one of the apostles carried a sword (Peter), and JESUS did not rebuke him for  carrying it, but for trying to use it to stop his arrest, and later crucifixion.  Also JESUS mentions that the apostles would have to take up their swords also, once He was taken up to heaven.  (Unless he was referring to the H.S, which is possible).  There is a debate amongst Christians who say it is not OK to practice martial arts/self defense, as it leads to violence, or it distracts you from GOD, or it is too steeped in Eastern religion, and so on, and these arguments are all valid and good ones, but then there are many arguments for practicing a martial art for self defense also.:

1)  You can only learn the moves and techniques that will stop an attack, no religion need be adopted (in most cases this is doable)

2)  If you are a woman living alone and not a Christian, in a rough hood, it would be wise to take every precaution-including self defense classes

3) If you are being bullied and not a Christian, or ARE a Christian, then learning to defend yourself is not a sin, if you practice self control and restraint also

4)  Exercise is good and the training is fun and enjoyable and will improve your health and confidence in a good way.

5) Helps strengthen the body if you are weak.  Many apostles seemed o suffer from various ailments and were not healed but given health tips and advice by other elders of the church/apostles.  So would it be stretching it if you could argue that training in a would help your health, then it is acceptable.

6)  crime is on the increase and faith is on the decrease.  Learning a would help bridge that gap, until more faith was given to you, then you COULD rely totally on GOD-and whose to say that it is not GOD who would help defend you WITH your self defense techniques, anyway.  

7)  Isn't it often said, that GOD helps those who help themselves?  Should we really expect GOD to show up and deliver a miracle every time we are about to get beaten up?  Maybe.  

8)  I know that for some ex masters, it would be a huge mistake to continue to do m.arts, and this I totally accept and understand (like Tony Anthony of the best selling book "Taming the Tiger"), or the kung fu master from the chinaforJesus website, but for those just doing it for health or fun, or self defense, is it wrong?  are we not becoming puritanical like the Medieval church of the Catholics, who even saw sex as evil?  Or am I too relaxed and liberal about this, and is it more HOLY of us to avoid it all together?  

I think that it is ok for some to do it, and for some to avoid it.  Everyone is different.  We are individuals, and although there are rules that apply to ALL of us Christians, we are also told to work out our salvation.  Having said that Romans 14, says we should not cause our brother or sister to stumble by our faith.  If they have weaker faith and need to AVOID ENTIRELY something that would cause them to sin, e.g. alcohol or eating meat, because their conscience tells them to, we should not do that thing if it would cause them to stumble.  So, there is a balanced opinion of the debate,  To see what other Christians have to say about the issue go to:

* (see when Jacob wrestled/fought the angel of the LORD at Penial) 

**(see where Paul draws reference to boxing in Corinthians)




Why do you want to learn martial arts?
Fear-Most people learn a martial art because they have been attacked and do not want to get attacked again.  They do not want to go through that ordeal again, and they FEAR it happening again.    This is the main reason for self protection. 

Being Cool- To be respected and thought of as tough or pose around like a bad man, or just to wear the cool outfits and play at being a kung fu warrior like in the movies

To be like Bruce Lee-Having been inspired and totally gob smacked at the fighting prowess, speed, power and beauty of this world class exceptional fighter, they take up the quest to be as good as him, or at least as good as they can be.  There are many of us :) 

Self defense-In order to protect yourself from a potential attack or violent assault, or mugging, after having been in a few close shaves.  Also because you live in a rough hood.  You are worried that if you do not take up a m. art, you could get hurt

Not getting bullied or beaten up.  After being beaten up and bullied time after time, they resolve to end it by learning how to fight and get even, or just escape another hiding, or deter their attacker from doing it again.  They are gentle at heart but need to survive somehow.

Health-The body does not work as it should, or certain chronic health problems are made less symptomatic by training and your mind is more positive and you feel less depressed.  Your fitness levels increase, and your body looks better-more lean.  You are convinced that training is responsible and grow to enjoy it as you can see results, and the rewards of continuing.

Fitness-a great cardio workout that is the most demanding, especially sparring and kicking and punching the bags/mitts.  An enjoyable way to get fit AND do self defense simultaneously.

Socializing-To join others like you, who have the same goals, similar experiences, and similar attitudes and perspectives, who can relate to your being there.  Also to make friends who share common interests and who you can trust as your kung fu brothers and sisters. A family if you like, that you never had. To have a laugh and earn each others respect., where you may not be getting any outside the class.

Addiction -You used to do it, had a long layoff and wish you never stopped, but for whatever reason you did, and now want to make a comeback, either cause you want to for any or some of the above reasons.  And although it is painfully slow progress, where frustration sometimes annoys you, you stick with it and persevere and little by little you begin to regain some if not all of your former fighting self. 


Others who who were deceived by Chi Kung /Qi Gong:

What proof is there that martial arts training can lead to the Occult:

Check out these stories or click on the above sentence to go to my eBay blog to find out more about my experiences with martial arts or click below for other people's.  :I do not endorse Islam per se. But this is an interesting but scary story.  I personally do not know how effective Islamic exorcism is, but to my knowledge, only the Name of JESUS CHRIST can cast demons out and set a person free, and totally free once they have become a born again Christian.

An amazing testimony about a Chinese kung fu "Qi Gong" (Chi Kung) master who became possessed by multitudes of demons from this practice.  Be warned, it is a frightening story.  So pray to GOD to guard your mind first, before you read it, or else you will be filled with fear and dread: 

A  pastor warns about the dangers of martial arts training, but later gives good advice on some arts which are OK to do for Chrisitians:





The Way of The Golden Lion: My own experience:

I discovered kung fu at an early age.  The series "Kung Fu", with David Carradine used to come on TV in the seventies, and I was instantly hooked.  I was 5 years old.  I also was already reading comic books, given to my older brother by my cousin Larry.  My brother never read them, but I devoured them.  They provided a way to escape from my unhappy miserable childhood. When I was 5, my dad took me to the market the same week,  we moved from Wellingboro to Northampton, and I saw some comics in a stall in the market, and I asked him to buy me one.  It was called "Shang Chi: Master of Kung Fu".  And he did.  When I got home I read the thing from cover to cover.  After I finished reading that comic book, I then knew how I could be a superhero.

You may laugh, but at that age, Superman was the biggest inspiration to me.  I know it should have been JESUS, as my mum brought us up to know the LORD, but I was interested in 4 things, and they inspired me the most:  Superman, JESUS, Lions-or Big Cats, and then someone else that would change my life forever...

Not knowing that that comic book would set me on a path that would shape and determine my goals-(even if they were sidetracked by various jobs and illnesses for the the next 30 years), I reread it again and again, soaking up the story, the colours, the artwork and the power that this hero had to ensure wrongs were righted.  Along with the series Kung Fu, it was slowly dawning on me that I too could learn how to do Kung Fu, and that would be my power to be a superhero, like Shang Chi...  but then I woke up to reality.  I was  5 year old, and where in the world, and how, would I learn to do Kung fu?

So, for months it was at the back of my mind, and I dwelt on how I could become a superhero like Superman instead. So I read more comic books and filled my head with the notion that that's what I wanted to be one day.  But of course I told no one.  How absurd.  The problem was, I kind of couldn't hide it very well.  My sister still remembers today, how I used to put a towel down my collar to imitate Superman's cape, and pretend to fly, by balancing myself on the top of a settee.  

As well as the Superman and other heroic symbols I used to draw and put on my chest with sticky tape (don't laugh!-I was a kid), this dream of mine was grounded into my being.

The comics had a large influence on me.  I did not realize how much until recently. I also read lots of fairy tales.  I loved them.  Again, it was the escapism, what some might call fantasy, back then.  Yes.  I admit it I was in a world of my own, where everything was like a fairytale fantasy comic book.  Back then a few other kids would laugh at me, for my obsession with stories, but today people recognize that all the most creative and imaginative writers felt the way I did back then, and were inspired to become writers, either then or later on in life, like myself.  

I did not know anything about writing, but enjoyed writing stories at school and it was my favorite thing apart from kung fu, until I discovered Drama-and that that was the ticket to my dream.  But it was not the comics and fairytale stories alone.  Oh no.  There was something and someone a little more, let's say,  inspiring?...

Months later, when I was 6 years old, in 1978 or 1979, we had visitors to our house in Bitten Court, Northampton.  My auntie Shirley and her family.  I spent most of the time in my room reading comics until my brother came looking for me and told me to come downstairs.  I said no at first, but then he persisted, so to shut him up I came downstairs, and then my Cousin Zahed wanted to ask me something...

Zahed was sitting down on one of the solo settee chairs.  He called me over and pointed to a large colourful badge he was wearing on his shirt. He said, "Do you know who this is?".

Being short sighted and wearing glasses, I came nearer for a closer look.  On the badge was a man holding an object in front of him at chin height in a pose.  It reminded me of someone...  I spoke. 

 "Shang Chi?  Master of Kung Fu?", I said with a confused look.

"He knows who is he," Zahed said to my brother with a satisfactory glance.

I took a closer look and realized that this man was slightly different. He was more...real than my favorite kung fu hero.  So I asked my cousin who it was.   While this  was happening, my father and Zahed's father were busy setting up a brand new JVC Video recorder/player, which was the latest thing, in 1978/79.  I had no idea what they were doing near the TV.  As I waited for Zahed's answer, music came from the TV.  Apparently they had succeeded in setting it up.  Then one of them placed a video cassette into the player.  This is when I heard the music.  At the same time the music came on, I turned my head to the left and looked at the screen, then I simultaneously saw the words that appeared on the screen and heard the unforgettable words that came from Zahed's mouth:

"Bruce Lee".

and on the TV screen:  "GAME OF DEATH".

At that moment, I never knew what was in store for me.  I was 6 years old.  I knew I loved Superman, kind of loved Jesus, I loved animals and especially big cats-lions in particular (I used to have this fantasy where I owned all these big cats and they were all around my bed protecting me, and I would stroke them.  I would say: Lion, tiger, leopard, cheetah, panther, jaguar, ocelot, puma, snow leopard (the last four were added later).  In fact I used to pretend I was a lion.  (OK.  I was  a strange kid, enough already!) And of course I loved stories and comic books...but nothing would prepare me for what I was about to watch. 

I sat there mesmerized and watched the most beautiful thing I ever saw (apart from horses.  Did I forget to say I had a kind of infatuation with horses. To me they were the most beautiful animals. Sort of next to big cats but beautiful in a different way.  I cannot explain it.)  

The unequalled and  awesome display of superhuman fighting ability, made my jaw drop and watching Bruce Lee (I did not know at the time that it was mostly a double, of course), made me feel like I had just be witness so something more magical than any fairytale, more cool than any big cat (maybe equal to), more dramatic and real than any story I saw on TV, and more heroic than any comic book, and yet it fused all of the things I loved into one medium!  I then knew that I must see more of this man.  This BRUCE LEE.  I must see everything that this superman has ever done.  And I must become a kung fu movie star (OK.  you are saying to yourself right now.  "How's that working for you, right now?").

Before you mock me, my goals HAVE changed a little since then, OK.  Only a little : ) 

But again, reality hit home.  It was just another one of my fantasies as a young 6 year old who wanted to be a superhero.

Over the next 5 years, I saw more BRUCE LEE films, and fell deeper in love with kung fu, and ached to learn it.  I wanted to learn so bad I was getting really depressed about it all.  But no classes existed and even if they did, my parents could not afford it.  In the meantime I got into other things: Astronomy, Chess, and Drawing, but I also practiced every move I could remember from every kung fu movie that I saw.  Over those early years leading up to the age of 13, my Quasi Uncle (2nd Cousin) Newell generously brought over more and more kung fu movies for us to watch on a regular basis, and I was in heaven and got so excited when he did.  Some were good.  Some were great, but some were bad.  But what I thirsted and hungered for was more BRUCE LEE, and I would get rather annoyed when he tried to tell me that these imitators were BRUCE LEE, when even as a 6 year old, I could tell they were not, by a long shot.

My reputation grew as a kung fu fighter at school because I imitated, quite reasonably, the kicks I saw in movies, at school, on anybody who tried to bully me or my friends or called me a racist name.  People thought I did kung fu for real, and I let them think that, because it kept the racists and bullies away from me.  It was not  until  I was eleven years old and saw a notice in the dinner hall at school (E.C.M.S) that I finally saw a chance to make my dream come true.  It said on the notice:


...and listed the details underneath.  I can tell you that I couldn't wait to get home to ask my parents if I could do it.  I was so excited that I nearly forgot my school bag and everything else I came with.  Needless to say, I ran home as fast as my wannabe kung fu superhero legs would take me.

My parents were going through tough times financially, as was almost everyone then (the Thatcher years), and they could not afford it.  It was not a large amount, but the answer was NO. End of.  So much for my dreams of becoming the next BRUCE LEE and a SUPERHERO.

The same month I discovered that a certain Chinese man used to walk near the vicinity of the school.  He shared an uncanny resemblance to Bruce Lee.  And I wondered if he did kung fu. 

One day I was walking home from school around the school playing field that lay below the school building, and I heard some voices shouting.  A couple of boy's voices and a girl's.  I walked over to the edge of the grassy ledge that looked down on the field and saw two boys harassing a beautiful oriental looking girl, and were trying to take her bag away.  She did not look like she went to our school from her uniform, but I instantly went into Shang Chi Master of Kung Fu BRUCE LEE Superman mode...

I rang down the side and halfway before I got to the bottom, I launched myself into the air, like my hero BRUCE, like  Superman flying to the rescue, like a lion leaping onto its unsuspecting prey, and performed a perfect flying side kick to the head of one of the boys (who were much bigger and taller than me).  They were yelling some racist remarks at the poor girl, and I was all too familiar with that experience. 

On reflection, all these years later, I wonder what it was that made me jump to her aid.   But I think I know.  I was not going to stand by and watch someone else, much less a beautiful girl suffer like I had, also I was trying to be Bruce Lee, Superman and a Lion at the same time ( not JESUS then, I hear you say.  Shut up., and let me tell the story...)  Anyway.  but I did not think about it.  I just wanted to do some kung fu on them (kung fu that I did not know! Ha Ha!).  I just wanted to be a hero.

Anyway, after the kick connected, I was more surprised than he was.  He fell to the floor stunned.  The other boy threw the bag at me and came at me hard.  I knocked the bag out the way and then did what I had been practicing for months if not years.  A side kick, that probably was more of a back kick, but the scene where the fake Bruce Lee sidekicks Bob Wall's character in Game of Death into the locker, was one of  my favorite scenes.  And so I  practiced that kick 40 to 100 times a day.  So when the kid came at me, guess what I did.  I side kicked him.

The kick was not pretty powerful.  But it was fast and it caught him in the stomach and he fell down winded.  I could not believe it.  I had dropped two racists in under 4 seconds, and all from watching kung fu movies.  I looked at the girl.  She was shaken and upset, but more shocked at me appearing out of the sky like a....a...well, superhero?  At this very moment that same Chinese man appeared at the top of the ledge.  I do not know how long he had been standing there.  But he came down the slope, the one I had just jumped from, and came over to us.  I sensed something good about him, and again studied his face, as he looked more like my hero BRUCE.  He picked up the girl, whose name I cannot mention here, and dusted her off.  I waited patiently not knowing what would happen next.  He turned to me and said:

"That was very brave of you. I saw what you did.  What is your name?"

"Daniel", I said.

Then he told me his name:

"My name is Shang.  Liu Shang (Tsang) Cheung"

My ears could not believe what they heard.  His name was Shang (I half expected him to say BRUCE, to be honest).  Just like my comic book hero Shang Chi.  I thought, this is too good to be happening.  I could not believe it.  I wanted to know if he was a kung fu master.  (Don't forget this was the first Chinese person I had ever met in real life!)

He asked me if I practiced martial arts,  I told him no, but that I wanted to with all my heart, and it was my dream since the time I was 5 years old, but my parents would not let me because they could not afford it, and they did not want me to.  He said the most beautiful words I had ever heard in my life up until that moment::

"Do not worry.  I will teach you", he said in his Chinese accent.

It is true that truth is stranger than fiction, and even I still wonder if this all happened, or did I make this up in my fantasy world head of mine.  Maybe I was going through some typical childhood trauma and this was my way of escaping, but it seemed real to me.  

I said:  "OK.  Thank you so much." ( about a thousand times ).  I was the happiest eleven year old in the world.  I could now begin my dual goal of becoming a superhero, and to be like BRUCE LEE and make kung fu movies. 

The girl also became a student of Master (Sifu) Liu Shang.  And it was evident after the first few lessons, that she was way better than I was, .  There also was a West Indian kid called Andy who was really good at it also.  I was not as good as them two, but I did not care.  I was doing kung fu!  

Oh yeah.  One other thing.  I had to keep it secret, as they did.  

For two reasons:  So my parents wouldn't stop me from learning.  Because they would not let me.  I was sure of it.  And because it was a secret style that hardly anybody knew of.  I can tell you what it contains but not the true name of the style, because it is a family secret and also a secret of a certain order of warrior monks that were actually Christian in Communist China.  Giving up the style would give up the family and their contacts.  If you wish to know more you will have to watch my movie.  I give a coded outline to their history and origins, but cannot divulge their real style.

Suffice it so say that Chinese secret societies have orders of warriors dating back to from a hundred years to even ancient times, and this one came from India, by way of Christian missionaries that traveled along the silk road trading route.

The style consists of Hung style, Choy Gar Style, Northern Shaolin, and an obscure Indian martial art style that transformed from a Buddhist into a Christian style.  So it is a hybrid composition in essence, but retains the purity of the secret style.  I learned Crane, Tiger and Leopard.  Snake and Dragon were forbidden due to the occult associations with killing techniques.  I learned some monkey, eagle claw and preying mantis, but not much. 

 But I specialized in the Crane Fist.  With the Leopard as my main offence and Tiger claw as backup.  The secret style includes the Christian Indian's art of Lion and Mongoose styles.  Specifically designed to defeat dragon and snake styles.  And that is what I would specialize in and adapt to create my personal expression of fighting, which you will see in my movie, God-willing.

About the girl.  I became friends with her., and developed tender feelings for her, mainly because of her striking beauty (and I thought she was Chinese), but it turned out she was half Caucasian-American and half Chinese-Hawaiian.  I did fall in love with her for the 2 years we trained together, and she did lead me to believe that she also had feelings for me, but she left the country once her dads oil company job called him back.  ( That's another story), and I was heartbroken when I saw her 4 years later with an American boyfriend, and would not train in kung fu for another two years, at least not properly.   But there was another...

Shortly after this happened, I watched this amazing kung fu movie my Cousin Newell brought over to our house, called, rather fraudulently: "Treasure of Bruce Lee".  It was about the 5 animal styles and the recovery of the theft of the  snake style, which the film claimed was the most deadly.   I loved the movie.  And it inspired me to emulate and learn more of the animal styles-tiger in particular.  After that movie I went around school practicing tiger claw moves everywhere (what a plonker!).  My instructor would leave in 2 years to return to Hong Kong under business reasons (Triads were trying to take over his family's business-He was killed in 1988 apparently)

I was heart broken and was depressed (OK, even more depressed), for ages, until I discovered that WHSmiths sold the Martial Arts magazines, and so 2-3 years later, after I left that school, from 13-14 years of age I started to buy them.  I can't remember how I could afford them, but they were a lot cheaper than they are now!  And so I lusted after all the kung fu gear and weapons-the slippers and trousers, like BRUCE LEE wore, the nunchukas, the kung fu outfits. I did not care much for any other martial art.  It was just KUNG FU and BRUCE LEE. 

I secretly practiced the animal styles and copied BRUCE LEE's moves and style from his movies and later, his books, and when it came out, that I did do kung fu, I tried to keep it as vague and ambiguous as possible, to protect my Sifu's family, and the Order that they belonged to.  There are spies everywhere and certain Triad members would have hunted them down in the war they were involved in.  This Order had bases in this country but had to leave as Communist China was about to take over Hong Kong and this created complications, for any secret society.  Remember that secret societies are there to overthrow governments, keep them in power, or to intercept potential threats.  Anyway this is all history now.  Things have changed. 

The training I had was half kung fu, and the secret half, Indian.  That's why I cannot divulge details.  At the time I did not know what a secret society was of course.  I certainly know now!  I was just a kid wanting to be like BRUCE LEE and SUPERMAN....( and like a lion...(shut up)

There have been many strange and spooky events since learning kung fu, such as me jinxing things, clairvoyant predictions, and and so on, and it is for this reason I hope to warn others, as well as encourage some to take up self-defense, but I shall continue this saga another day, as it is 7:12 am and I need to go to bed.

I will continue writing about my kung fu adventures on a weekly basis.  Email me if you would like a copy of  the entire saga up till the present day.

Next month: 


One hundred fights and no defeats.  Kind of.


Christian Martial artists organisations:





The mysterious Chi Qi Ki Prana and the lies that are told to about it:
If Chi is Energy , then what kinds are there, and are they OK to do?
The 5 types of Energy or "Chi" or the 9 types of Force or "Chi".


An in depth study of Chi (Qi/Ki)-

What is it really-no lies this time!

What is Chi 

When most of us embark on the journey of kung fu or whichever martial art, we are told by well meaning and decent instructors that there is a type of energy within the body that we can tap into.  We are told that we can amplify this energy if we draw it to us from the heavens and from the earth.  The way this is done is by learning to focus the mind via meditation and then focus and visualize this energy being gathered to an area just below the navel.  In addition, breathing exercises are taught to us to make us healthier, and others are to draw this energy into ourselves, so that at a later stage we are able to move it around the body at will.  The purpose of this energy manipulation is so that the martial artist can use it as a protective buffer against attacks to the body, or concentrate it in our hands or feet or whichever weapon we choose to deliver a devastating strike or blow that will incapacitated our opponent.  The health benefits were a bonus.  

Many people will practice this energy control practice, or Chi Kung in various amounts as part of various styles or systems from different countries. In India, this energy is called Prana.  In Japan, it is called Ki.  The most common term is the Chinese one of CHI. Or QI. The fact that most Westerners are unable to grasp the concept of CHI, leaves the martial artist in a dubious position because of their Western ignorance.  The master: sensei, guru or Sifu, is then asked to explain what this energy is and where it comes from. 

Due to advancements in science, pseudo scientific explanations are given to convince the student that this energy or force is a natural one and can be harnessed safely with no side effects.  The use of words such as internal force, intrinsic energy, or life force are made known to the often-bewildered student who readily accepts and trusts the information they have been given.  What most masters do not tell their students is that this energy can be roughly equivalent to the term spirit.  Because the word spirit, can mean the attitude and temperament of a person, as well as the religious or metaphysical meaning, most opt for the first meaning. Because thanks to modern science, hardly anyone in the west believes in the supernatural term spirit unless they have been watching psychic TV shows, or believe Harry Potter is the new hero for kids. 

It is amazing how people are willing to believe in psychic spirit mediums, but they are unable to marry the fact that the spirits mentioned in these TV events are the same spirits that enable martial arts feats of supernatural ability.  Because people have been conditioned to believe that provided a scientific explanation can be given, no matter how false and deceiving, they will speedily accept it as the truth.  Interestingly though, whenever a Biblical explanation is given, they reject it almost instantly.  In the west, science has more credibility, then the psychics, than the word of God.  This ignorance has lead to many people being led by a marriage of scientific beliefs based on theories to new age mysticism from the east.  Once these two opposite contradicting beliefs have been set up in a persons mind, they are ready to believe in the mystical Chi. 

The fact that many Christians, including myself were, and still are caught up in Chi Kung proves that ignorance of the spirit world and the tactics of the enemy to infiltrate and destroy the church is increasing and believers are terribly lacking in appreciation of the seriousness of the matter.  So, where does the Christian go from here? Well, there is some good in all this.  Many Chinese or whichever ethnicity, did not understand the term Chi when it was used to describe many natural and harmless energies.  In my research I have found 6 different meanings for the term Chi, and thankfully it is only the sixth, which is harmful, or of the occult or demonic kind.  I shall explain the other 5 first then expand on the sixth, as a warning to those caught up in the labyrinth of eastern misunderstandings.

First, there is more to consider besides the occult issue, when deciding on the validity of the argument for Christians practicing martial arts.  I will enter that debate in another article.  Suffice it to say that if a martial art encourages a bad attitude, anti social behaviour, or physical or verbal aggression, this is largely due to having a bad teacher.  Most classes teach how to respect everybody else, exercise self-control, and discipline the mind heart and body.  These benefits are NOT contrary to Christianity.  The problems come from when an evil spirit tries to take over the mind of an artist. More on that later. 

So, what are the descriptions odds the natural and harmless Chi forces?  They are:

·       Body mechanics -when boxers deliver powerful punches, the power comes from the force generated by the pushing with the legs to make the bodyweight travel from the ground through the limbs into the punch.  Tai chi chuan uses exactly the idea. Force comes from ground via legs then waist or hips, up back and shoulders out through arms.  The faster this transfer of force takes place the more power there is delivered. The Chi mentioned here is just the kinetic energy maximize from aligning the skeletal limbs and torso in such a way to ensure a focused and maximal blow by lowering the centre of gravity.  This is physics that the Chinese utilized when developing martial arts.  Different ways to deliver kinetic energy were developed to enhance power and force. The Chinese always have an artistic poetic colourful way of putting it. And this gets lost in translation

·       Breathing more oxygen in and the raising of the diaphragm to encourage this produces oxygenation of the nerves, muscles, brain and increases blood flow.  If combined with physical movements then an increase in strength can be obtained.  A simple way to demonstrate this is when bench-pressing a barbell. Often the litter will take several deep in- breaths to gather his strength and increase thoracic pressure by filling the lungs with air.  In addition, if the breath is held on the lift, more weight can be lifted.  The only problem is this also raises your blood pressure and so is usually not encouraged. The same dangers apply with Chi Kung that holds the breath, which can rupture blood vessels in the brain or cause a number of side effects. Bodybuilders who held their breath sometimes burst a blood vessel when lifting heavy weight.  Another simpler and safer way to show the strength gain from increased oxygen and lung capacity is by trying to open a jar that will not budge.  Take several fast in breathes and hold breath a fraction of a second before turning the lid with max force whilst forcing the breath out without opening your mouth until you are breathing out after it begins to turn, will make jars easier to open.  This is the parasympathetic nervous system and central nervous system being switched on to a higher gear to apply more physical exertions.  Of course, it is not wise to hold your breath and lift anything heavy, but the inflated lungs makes a person feel stronger.

·       Neurological energy-this is how all the muscles and most of the body works most of the time.  Nerves fire electrical charges that create chemical reactions, which fire more nerves and chemical reactions, and so on. The more firing of the nerves the less charge is needed but a stronger chemical reaction occurs of minerals that make up the nerves.  If more oxygen is added then this triples strength. Doing reps of exercise induces this reaction until there is no longer glycogen which is blood glucose energy, left, and lactic acid builds up to prevent overuse. The CHI in this case is the increase in neural firing from either static isometric training, or typical weight based dynamic training using high reps and low weight.  Also, by pressing or pushing against an immovable object for a long time will temporarily increase strength, flexibility and reflexes, for as soon as you come away from that object or wall, your arms or legs move by themselves from the resistance training.  This reflex isometric training creates a mysterious phenomenon when done progressively and daily. Much kung fu training consists of this type,

·       Kinetic linking or whip power. This is the same as body mechanics but with a difference.  This energy does not come from the floor or legs but from the wave or tsunami like buildup of force that comes from circular torque. The centrifugal forces of accelerated circular limb movement, creates a centripetal whirlwind or tornado-like force that allows torque to build up to g force levels, and releases this force, much like a winding top. If the delivery is aligned correctly then the body mechanics and breathing can generate even more force with this whip like kinetic energy.

·       More quality food, adequate sleep and rest, and more clean fresh air are the best ways to create more energy. Combustion happens via digestion.  Energy production to create glycogen that fuels every cell in our body. This CHI is the most natural of all.  This is basic human necessity for daily survival.  The more we have, the healthier we become.  This is perfectly natural and normal.

·       Occult demonic Chi-This is where Christians or anybody doing these practices obtains the demonic prowess to get to higher levels of fighting. These demons enter by meditation visualization and breathing them into your body.  They can enter in other ways but I suggest you read one or some of the books on the subject.  I can refer you to some here. For those who are skeptical I urge you to read up on the subject of exorcisms, deliverance and demonic possessions. However, be warned this is terrifying and grossly disturbing reading.  I would prefer that you gave your life to Christ first before studying these horror stories and all the facts. Because it will give you nightmares and demons may try to enter you from your fear. See deliverance books here.


There are 3 other types of so-called energies that are often counted as part of Chi or separately. They are Li, Shen, and Jing.


·       Li - this is muscular force and physical strength. Often associated with Leopard style.           

·       Shen - this is called Mind or Spirit power. I believe it is where meditation trains you for this power.  It can be just the power of positive thoughts, or visualization hypnosis in a trance like state. Demons enter the mind this way also.  Also, these evil spirits give the artist hypnotic or psychic powers, so they can have ESP awareness. However, they will be possessed. This is associated with the dragon style or concept. Dragons are spiritual according to the Chinese. Indeed they are.

·       Jing - this is stored sexual energy and stamina. Monks of Shaolin are supposed to be celibate and not masturbate, so they can store their Jing energy for endurance and stamina.  The strength derived from not releasing sexual tension, gives the monk incredible strength and what the Chinese term vital energy.  This means that the tension in the body builds up like a spring that thickens in density the longer the abstinence from sexual release.  Strength is multiplied and the bodies energy reserves grow larger creating a surplus, which the artist/monk uses to protect the body or as a weapon, when fused with the occult Chi. This is a reverse of Tantric sex magic, or Taoist Sexual practice.  It is not good. If training in the special breathing exercises the artist can become near invincible, as the many types of natural and demonic training are fused together.  This is called the Golden Bell method.  The artist can take heavy blows to groin and throat without harm. Obviously because he has allowed demons to enter. There are tricks that can be used to ensure a monk will survive this abstinence but they are of the occult. Jing is stamina and this is derived from libido or sexual energy.  It is associated with the Crane and tiger styles.


So, there is a rundown of the types of Chi and other energies. 

 In India and Indonesia, Chi is called Prana.  It is called Kundalini or Serpent power, and sits at the base of they stomach, exactly like a demon.  Because it IS a DEMON.  These spirits or serpent spirits are spirits of divination and psychic clairvoyance and ESP, as well as giving other powers to the human, who makes friends with these evil spirits in order to gain “enlightenment”.  What these eastern religions by that, we would refer to as demon possession.  Indian Hindu gurus have no qualms about getting cosy with spirits, demons , and so on.  And this spiritism has influenced Buddhism. Spiritism or Shamanism is the most predominant religion worldwide.  Shamans usually channel animal (demons who have inhabited animals) spirits, whereas mediums and spiritists channel human spirits (demons who have inhabited humans).  What's the difference?  None really. 

Now how can we deal with this?

The Bible tells us how.  Read the New Testament in the Bible, and see how JESUS and his disciples dealt with demons.  You will be surprised.  Then find a Christian or church, which has a “deliverance ministry”, that is, it casts out demons.  For more info, please email me for details on a ministry that can help you.  There are also details on the Guest and Ministry links page of this website.

The deceived teach the deceived.

Unless Western martial arts instructors get clued up on what they are involved in, and teaching their students, they are creating risk to themselves and to their students, for terrible demonic affliction and health problems later on in life.  They may be fine now, but later on the demons want their pay for their gifts of these powers and superhuman feats, and the devil wants his due. 

Only JESUS CHRIST can then save you and your students from paying the devil with your Soul, for using his demons to do martial arts.  It's up to you.  I think it would be wiser to avoid the martial arts altogether if they all contain these occult elements of spiritism and shamanism.  There are some out there, but it requires discernment to filter out the occult from an art, and only a Christian can do this.  It is better to seek elf-defense classes or do kick boxing that does not teach eastern religion or philosophy.    No matter how cool it sounds to quote it.

You must choose between becoming a Christian and practicing an art that you may have to walk away from if it gets into the occult or pays homage and worship to spirits or the past masters in an unhealthy way, or to carry on in a martial art as an atheist, or agnostic or luke warm Christian, and hope nothing dodgy appears in the syllabus, and then have to leave.  Most people won't leave, unless they see harm coming to them somehow.  often it is too late, then  and only JESUS can save them.  By that meaning they have opened themselves up some elements that are subtle and slightly occult but gradually involve the artist into more murky areas which are not Christian-centered nor compatible.  I write this article, because I am concerned for the safety of other martial artists, who may get possessed.  This is such a horrific experience that it is too horrible to contemplate, but do not fear if you are already involved in some practices which are dodgy.  You can stop them now and repent of this.  Get on your knees and ask God to forgive you your sins and of involving yourself in these arts/practices, and ask Jesus to come into your life and save and deliver you.  He will answer your prayers instantly and pull you out of the bog-the mire that you have got yourself into, and offer you the lifeline to escape.  

You MUST take that lifeline, and stay out of these practices.  If you still wish to do martial arts, then you had better make sure that they do not do the same things, and you repeat the same mistake twice.  But JESUS can save you from anything, no matter how bad or how often you mess up.  But you can save yourself a lot of trouble, if you decide to come out altogether and focus on JESUS.  This does not mean that martial arts are bad as such, but it's the religious philosophy, spiritism, shamanism, demonic practices, that ruin them.  It is like trying to drink water without the poison in the glass affecting you.  You would be better to throw it out.  

If on the other hand, you can find an art, that does not include these poisons, then the water will be safe to drink.  But it is difficult to find on.  Thankfully due to the new mixed martial arts craze, more modern arts do not include any of the religions or philosophy that can taint your Walk with JESUS.  But they do sometimes build the ego too much, and encourage arrogance and pride, instead of humility.  Ironically it the more spiritually inclined traditional arts that encourage respect, humility, and discipline, but at the same time promote eastern religions that are fused with the occult.  

So you trade one evil for another sometimes.  The main thing is not to be deceived and to understand what you are getting yourself into..  Do not be ignorant or trust the master.  He is deceived also about what he is doing.  You must do your own research and find out if there is anything untoward waiting for you in the syllabus.

Another point is the honouring of the dragon or serpent in the martial arts.  Why is this?  Why is The Far East so obsessed with dragons.  They even acknowledge that it is a spiritual creature.  All these ties in with the occult and the animal spirits, prove that it is really the devil behind this deception.  Although it is GOD who created the animals and humans, the devils seeks to pervert the creation and humans for his use and tries to get other humans in on it.  Much like the Nazi's getting the JEWS to be the prisoner's guards, in the concentration camps.  We must be aware of these lies.  We must be clued up and not ignorant of the tactics of the enemy.

Martial arts practice can be a good thing only when it is a physical discipline for health and self defense, or for the protection of those you love.  A sword can be used for good or evil, and JESUS did not condemn Peter for carrying one around with him.  In fact the Bible calls the Holy Spirit the Sword of the Spirit which is the WORD of GOD.  Go to and enter in "sword", and see all the references yourself, if you are a Christian.  If you are not, do it anyway :)

On that note I shall conclude this article with this:

Ephesians 6:

"For we do not wrestle (struggle/fight) against flesh and blood but against ..." know the passage, if you don't,  find a Bible and find Ephesians 6, and read it.  This is what being a Christian is all about.  WE are WARRIORS.  YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT.

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God bless and stay safe!


The 5 types of Energy or "Chi" or the 9 types of Force.  

Update:  The science community now claims that CHI is a bio-electrical energy: An electrical current that has magnetic properties and microwave, as well as infra red radiation in the electro-magnetic spectrum.  They say that there is Kirlian photography that verifies this. That something happens when a Chi Kung expert uses his energy.  The source of this CHI has not been found, but CHI  exists and is measurable. This research has been done in mainly Japan and China. Research continues worldwide.

 Please read the article above for an in depth description and explanation. You will be shocked and surprised.